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I had the opportunity to sit with Brunei own 18 year old beauty and style blogger known by the name Bash Harry over brunch at High Frequency last weekend, to catch up with her since we last met in November last year. She blogs mainly on beauty and style, and has added to write on lifestyle; with her main blogging aim of educating and helping others on make-up and beauty. I was inherently interested in getting to know her better, her thoughts on fashion and her personal style which are often seen as rather effortless yet chic.

I had two things in mind, mainly to understand her insights on the current Brunei fashion scene and her view on fashion. Brunei’s fashion scene has been growing steadily but rather rapidly in the recent years, visibly measurable by the thriving fashion-forward individuals and community, and increasing number in fashion bloggers, designers and fashion houses.

On catalyst for the growth of Brunei Fashion scene:

BASH: "I don’t think there is a catalyst for the growth, rather there has always been a progress. It’s only now that it seems to be visible. If I did have to pick a catalyst, it’s definitely the new generation’s interest in social media. Social media, for better or worse, has influenced this generation to showcase themselves and their interests to Brunei, and to an extent, the world. It just so happens that one of the most prominent is the fashion industry. I think that as it continues to develop, hopefully Brunei will be able to grow into a more international community through fashion. Perhaps as big as Malaysia!"


Touching on the subject of personal style, it has been very interesting to see the development of fashion trends within the Brunei population (in Brunei vis-a-vis those abroad) through the years, with my subliminal social observations, saw an impressive growth in fashion-forward community through the years.  

Fashion Talk June 2016


Generally I appreciate and acknowledge those who take their time and effort on their image and style- be it for themselves or for comfort. And I feel that appreciation needs to be given where its due. Although, it is important to remember that one must not be solely judged on appearance. To me, dressing up in our own style is a form of self expression, as a form of art, it is something personal. It is special, it has a story.

On Describing Personal Style:

BASH: "Anything I can find in my closet really. I don’t really know whether I have a strong sense of style, but I know what I don’t like; I’m not a fan of florals or anything too flowy. I don’t like bright colours or strong statements. So Instead, I look for minimalist pieces, that are neutrals like black and whites with a pop of colour. I prefer simple clothes that I can re-style into different outfits. Not necessarily on trend but definitely for me.

As for a description, perhaps I can say there are remnants of my odd phases in life. A tomboy phase gave me an affinity for jeans and easy wear, and a goth phase erased colours from my closet and replaced it with black. My personal style has definitely evolved from cardigans and beanies to heels and blouses. To what, I’m not so sure yet."


On another note, we had a technical glitch earlier on at the start of our session which meant that a majority of our conversation were not recorded. Bash was so kind to spare some of her personal time again to respond to my key questions which I thought were imperative in this write up.

Check her out and support Bash on H E Y B A S H.

Fashion Talk June 2016




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