About Us

XOIA, pronounced zho-ya, is a fashion designer brand and styling house based in Brunei Darussalam. The styling concepts and designs at XOIA evolve around minimalist lifestyle with a utilitarian take on elegance and androgynous fashion.

The XOIA brand was first established in 2014 offering fashion statement accessories founded by three women. Later in 2015, XOIA was re-established to focus on wardrobe styling and fashion design. XOIA is now succeeded by a Bruneian designer, Atiqah Ismail, also one of the initial founders of the brand in 2014. Ismail’s designs and styling at XOIA runs on passion for arts, with focus on the combination of rawness, edginess and virility, which influence the XOIA clothing line today.

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Our Store

Our store features XOIA's ready- to-wear collections and fashion accessories from selected designers as seen in our Style Portfolio. The available pieces are limited in quantity as XOIA focuses to move forward quickly with new pieces.
Note: Not all of the pieces featured in our Style Portfolio are RTW items or for sale. Though, please Contact Us directly if you are still rabidly interested.


Our Interest

We are continuously looking out for business opportunities and to work with fresh talents with potential in high fashion editorials both locally and internationally. Whether you are a photographer, model, fashion enthusiasts, blogger, or entrepreneur, a company; if you are interested for collaboration works, volunteering, business opportunities or invitations to social events, do drop us a message at our Contact Us page!